Slide Designed by Mixologists
& brought to life
by Chemists

Refusing to accept that you have to sacrifice either taste quality
or scalability, we have fused the knowledge of two professions
to bring our dream to the world.

About Obsidian Drinks

From the creative mind of one of the Saint James’ The Bartender’s Society 2021 UK Finals, we bring you Obsidian.

After being stuck in concept limbo for over a year, the Covid-19 pandemic struck and provided the opportunity for Obsidian to transition through the research, development, and planning stages. Finding the offering in the Ready to Drink cocktail market insufficient, we set out to bring beautiful cocktails to you outside of the bar in a sustainable and scalable way.

Our vision was recognized and supported early on, when we received a prestigious Virgin Start up Loan and became a member of the coveted Virgin Funded Club. We spent months perfecting our launch recipes, supply chain, and conceptualizing a positive and ethical identity that you will love and identify with.

Really, Obsidian is us, we have poured our own love, passion, and beliefs into this project so that it can be an enduring brand leader.

The Creator

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