Slide Every Bottle
A Canvas

Here at Obsidian, we strongly believe that people should do what they love and what they are good at. We make drinks, and we do it well, graphic art/design isn’t our thing. So when we were brainstorming and researching ideas for our labels we noticed that BAME communities were hugely underrepresented in most of the graphic space.

This birthed for The Label Project, an initiative that would seek out BAME graphic
artists/designers and have each flavor interpreted and turned into label artwork by one
artist. This will give the artists a platform to showcase their talent, get a fair paid
commission, have their name and social handle on the bottle, and a bio on our website.

Why It Matters

We hope to change the way brands in the alcohol industry
make decisions about sub-contracted work. In our industry and
many industries that we are adjacent to, there is a lack of
representation and we all need to start doing our part to ensure
equal opportunity for all people in the hospitality, food and
beverage, and creative industries.

Are you a BAME Graphic Designer/Artist?

Send us a message with a short bio and a link to your portfolio and
we will consider you for future releases!